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Singapore – One Step Event App


  • It’s hard to find all SG Events in one place, especially family or neighbour events.
  • No easy way to monitor Food Safety or Scam News.
  • Solution

  • One-stop Event App whereby users will be notified once there are new events based on their interests.
  • Alert info regarding latest food safety or scam.
  • DealMinistry

    Ecommerce App


  • Buying small quantity is expensive and overstock when buying big quantity
  • No way to buy in bulk to get cheaper price and share with neighbours.
  • Solution

  • Neighbour buy App (Uberpool for Groupon) where neighbours can buy together in bulk.
  • To get cheaper prices and seller earn more in one delivery.
  • ...

    Victor KeyBoard

    Language Translator Plug-in


    Globalization continues to be a growing force in the global economy and yet no easy way to communicate in different languages in App.


    Universal Translator Keyboard Plug-in that can be used with All Apps such as WeChat, Whatsapp, LINE, Viper, Messenger, Telegram and others.

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