Software Development

Let’s Transform Your Great Idea Into Amazing Web or App!

How We Deliver Our Project

We are so excited to help you build your dream into reality. Here is why our customers love to work with us.

UI/UX Design

We analyze requirement of every project thoroughly and develop not only Professional Design but also Great User Experience.


Average users have 2-5 devices there days. That’s why, we make sure your Website or App looks beautiful on any device regardless of size.

System Architecture

Based on current requirement of project and also near future potential need, we use the best optimized technologies.

Easy Upgrade

Our Design, Frontend, Backend & API development are streamlined so that our customers can easily work on Next Big Update anytime.

Software Lifecycle

Throughout the whole project development, We document properly starting from Wireframe & UI/UX to UAT & Launch.

Maintenance & Support

We have great teams of both customer & technical support for all of our products. Rest sure we are all in this project together with you.

Our Development Flow

Let’s take a look how we develop the great Web or App for you!

Your Cool Idea

We meet up with you to understand your great idea thoroughly and see if we can make it come into life!


After understanding your project, we brainstorm together with you to make sure all functionalities are captured.

Requirement Analysis

Once functionalities are finalized, our design & development team analyze together to lay out core architecture.

Wireframe & UI Design

Our design team craft initial draft design from UX perspective and finalize UI after discussed with our customers & users.


As soon as UI design are confirmed, our development team kick off the project accordingly to system architecture.

User Acceptance Test

Our internal testers make sure all functionalities required are working before passing over to our customers for testing.


After development & UAT are completed, we help our customer transfer to their own server & publish in App store if need.


We provide free maintenance depending on project size. Our customers are always welcome to contact us for assistance.

Technology Vendors

These are some of the Technologies that we use to develop your Web or App. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need us to develop using other technologies.

Some Testimonials

Let’s see what some of our customers are saying!

They discussed many times to make sure project completed on time. Great job!


I wasn’t sure how to start and lucky i found AlphaXLab. They guided along the way & worked closely to make sure all functionalities are implemented!